Chilean Volcano

The exotic country of Chile has experienced a sustained growth in tourist numbers over the last few years. The land’s rich history and interesting cultural heritage, along with the numerous natural wonders it houses, has made it a popular attraction for those looking for an exciting change of pace. Vacationing in the midst of fuming volcanoes and green lakes, while drinking in the history of each place you step in to, is sure to provide maximum levels of relaxation.

After all, that is how one differentiates between a run-of-the-mill vacation, and one which triggers fond memories and reminiscences. If you are, in fact, planning a vacation in Chile, you might benefit from our pick of the top tourism spots in the country.

The Altiplano of Norte Grande
Chile is divided into 5 major natural regions, among which, Norte Grande has gained a reputation for showcasing the diversity of nature’s wonders in one place. The altiplano of Norte Grande, in particular, features a wide variety of natural scenery, including salt flats, emerald green lakes, volcanoes, and geysers. The spectacular combination of awe-inspiring scenery makes vacationing in the midst of fuming volcanoes and green lakes a true delight!

The Heart of Chile
The glorious landscape situated in the midst of the north side of the magnificent Atacama Desert, and southern Patagonia, the Switzerland of the South, is often regarded as the heart of Chile. Featuring 10 full-size volcanoes, crystal clear lakes, white-water rivers, and almost a dozen national parks and reserves, the region is prime highlight for tourists.

Various expeditions are arranged on a regular basis for tourists to enable them to experience the renowned beauty of Chile firsthand. Volcanoes on one side, green lakes on the other, and snow-capped mountains all around; a fairytale for most tourists where nature is the protagonist!

The Mysterious Easter Island
Dating thousands of years back, the island of Easter still contains a boatload of mysteries within it. Combined with the natural magnificence of the island, the mysteries add to the status of Easter being a top spot for tourists.

The enigma that is Easter Island houses 887 extant statues with funny hats and 3 major volcanoes, and is not a place to be missed if you are out in Chile vacationing in the midst of fuming volcanoes and green lakes. Both private and commercial flights to the island are available, and on landing, one can even rent bikes to get around the island. During the evening, the sunset amidst the looming presence of the volcanoes and the ancient statues makes for a spectacular sight. Don’t miss out on such an experience!

While Europe does contain a rather large number of attractive destinations for tourists, one should consider Chile if a drastic change of scenery is in order. The tourism sector in the country has strong support from the local authorities and is thus developing at an incredible rate.


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