Cusco in South America

Cusco is located to the South of Peru and it is the archaeological capital of Americas. It is well endowed with mountains and is referred as the “cradle of Inca civilization”.

It is a traditional city which has preserved the archaeological ruins of the traditional structure. It is the hot spot tourist destination. Cusco offers an exclusive merge of arts and architecture of both the Incan and the Spanish cultures. The people are traditional and they make it a point to celebrate their festivals and customs with great pomp and splendor. The city is rich not only in its cultural but also historical heritage. Citadel at MacchuPichu, a well known archaeological ruin is famous and is a cultural heritage site.

The Streets of Cusco are neatly carved and they are so beautiful that it leaves the tourists in awe. Fine roads, museums, churches, old monuments, archaeological remains and ruins are some of the attractions of Cusco which are worth visiting. Cusco provides easy accessibility. Tourists flock in numbers to visit this city and then travel to all other cities of Peru. There are flights which take off from the Cusco airport and there are daily arrivals and departures from Cusco to other cities of Peru like Lima, Puno and Arequipa.

Things which you should not miss if you are in Cusco Peru are:

Machu Pichhu – It was built in 1430 AD by the Incas.   It is located above the Aguas Calientes.   It is regarded as a World Heritage site.

Inca Trail –   It is the oldest road system which goes up to Machu Pichu. Lovers of trekking and hiking would love to hike the place and enjoy the outstanding view of some of the ancient ruins and of course the Andes.

City Tour – The City tour is a guided tour which comprises of a muse see Main Square, the Inca ruins of Puca Pucara, Oenbko, Spanish Cathedral and the Sacsayhuaman which is made of huge stones.

Sacred Valley Tour – This tour takes you through the unique markets and also the Inca ruins. Ollantaytambo is a striking Inca ruin.


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