Hanoi Museum

Vietnam Military History Museum

Perhaps there is not any country that gone through many wars as Vietnam. In another word, Vietnam’s self-identity over the last century has been defined by wars from French colonial, Japanese and later American. Hanoi is a place that shows many of significant monuments that you might want to understand more namely The Vietnam Military History Museum and National Museum of Vietnamese History.

Where is the Vietnam Military History Museum located?

The Vietnam Military History Museum is one of seven national museums in Vietnam that is well-known all over the world. It is situated in the central Hanoi nearby The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. If you have an opportunity to visit the capital of Vietnam, remember to take a look this historical monument. In fact, the Vietnam Military History Museum contains many of historical values and own significant architecture that is worth a visit once.

The special exhibition of the Vietnam Military History Museum

This museum exhibits series of galleries starting with the period of Chinese colonisation until American War and more recent skirmishes. When arriving in the central capital with Hanoi Travel, you might be introduced to this museum with plenty of interesting places to see.

Especially, people who are interested in last American War might not miss out this place. The displays here are generally fascinating with lots of collection of guns, spears, ammo, various photojournalism and historical background (English subtitle). Besides, there are many inventive displays outside the museum.

At the back of The Vietnam Military History Museum, there is a huge pyramid putting together by an artist out of the wreckage including B-52 and a French transport plane that had shot down in the war. At the centre, you could see a billboard-sized photographic blow-up of a female Viet Cong soldier dragging the wing of an American plan across the beach.

National Museum of Vietnamese History

Along with the Vietnam Military History Museum, visitors who come to Hanoi can go to National Museum of Vietnamese History. It is located in the Hoan Kiem district. The wonderful architecture of the history museum was once formerly home to the important French agency. It is considered as an elegant, ochre-coloured structure that had built between 1925 and 1932. National Museum of Vietnamese History shows mainly the French architect corporation a blend of Chinese design elements.

It is very impressive for you to see highlights of bronzes from the Dong Son culture, Hindu sanctuary from the Khmer and Champa kingdoms and some beautiful jewellery in the past. Actually, most of the recent historical evidence include the struggle against the French. Besides that, there is the breezy garden café for you to enjoy in great places.

In general, The Vietnam Military History Museum and National Museum of Vietnamese History are the good places for visitors. Especially, people who may want to understand more about Vietnam War should go there once. Booking a Hanoi tour by combining sightseeing the best architectures with enjoying beautiful landscapes in Hanoi might be a good idea.


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