Goree Island

Visit enchanting Western Africa and enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful island near the Dakar coast. This beautiful city is a major tour destination and is a major slave trade trading center of yore. The House of Slaves here is a major feature and it has actually become a kind of pilgrimage for many travelers.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a fascinating zone filled with amazing sights and the best of travel ambience. Here you can enjoy the simple pleasures of being in a land that fills your tours with excitement and delights.

So how does one reach this island? A flight is taken to Dakar airport or you could also take other flights coming through Europe. Many ferries leave the Dakar port and take you to the beautiful place. The twenty minute ferry trip fills your travels with a certain kind of experience that is beyond description.

While here, first enjoy the tranquility and silence of the surroundings, and bask in the pleasures of a delightful land. With no vehicles around, this is surely a wonderful way of spending your holidays. Also, enjoy the House of Slaves, which is a major tourist attraction here, and see the way this house is today a museum for tourists. Tours also take you to the dungeons where the slaves used to be held and everything is explained in a detailed way.

House of Slaves in Goree Island

Visit the IFAN Historical Museum that is another fascinating zone filled with the history of the region of Senegal. The entire museum is on the northern side of the Goree Island. Then there is the Women’s Museum or the Musee de La Femme. This details about the tradition and culture of the Senegalese women.

Maritime Museum

You also have the Maritime Museum and the jetty area to visit which is filled with pleasures of wonderful experiences.

The Goree Island thus is a land filled with absolute delights and amazing experiences.


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