Gower Peninsula

Living in the UK has its upsides and downsides. The major upside of course is free healthcare and a diverse ethnical community from which we can all learn new things. The major downside to living in the UK for Brits is the weather, heavily packed city life and over the last few years the countries financial crisis, leading to a double dip recession. No matter what politics goes on behind closed doors, or how many people enter the country, or how much rain falls, one thing remains the same and will throughout history: the UK has some amazing places to visit, and a lot of them you will have never even heard of.

So where to start on your journey across the UK? Well in this post we are going to outline 4 fantastic places to visit in the UK, to put new interest in to yours heads of the country you live in. Without further ado, then:

Gower Peninsula, Wales

Gower is a peninsula in South Wales just off the coast of the Bristol Channel. This place is incredibly interesting and simply a must for any fan of walking and taking in beautiful scenery and the country way of life. You can enjoy climbing up to one of the areas volcanic summits with the dog or family including Garn Fadrun, Garn Boduan or Eifl. This area spans across 47 miles of coastline, and truly is one of the best places to walk in South Wales.

Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland

Are England somewhat detached from Northern Ireland? In recent times, studies have suggested just that, however Northern Ireland is a beautiful country to visit for a break or whole holiday. The Mourne Mountains sweep down to the sea, and you can almost touch the Northern Ireland clouds (literally!) if you climb Northern Ireland’s highest mountain, Slieve Donard. This is a wonderful scenic place to visit, and a must in your lifetime.

Windsor Castle, UK

If you have never visited Windsor Castle you really should. This iconic castle, who’s site was picked by William the Conqueror, spans 13 acres and is the biggest inhabited castle in the whole world. In Royal residence, Windsor Castle is a very easy train journey from London central station, and during summer this is a great location for a romantic and bustling break with your partner or even the whole family! Be sure to check our St. Georges Chapel whilst you are down there.

Snowdonia, Wales

Snowdonia sounds like a mystical winter wonderland theme park located in Antarctica. The truth is that it’s in North Wales, and the fossil shells on the top of Mt Snowdon are the remains of a living seabed, showing visitors the extent to which the earth has changes in billions of years. Snowdonia is a protected national park, which is full of tranquil scenery and stunning wildlife. If mountain walks are your thing, do visit Snowdonia, i Can guarantee you will be amazed.

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