Bahamas Vacation Rentals

Bahamas house rental or a hotel? Vacation rentals are becoming very popular but many people ask the wrong questions when they enquire about a house rental, read this article where I answer many essential questions most people forget to ask when they book a Bahamas house rental or travel to the Bahamas.

Is the beach nearby?

This seems a pointless question, as you are renting a ‘Beach House’ and the assumption is already there, however prepare to be surprised, almost 30 % of Bahama’s Beach Houses are advertised as such but are located up to a mile from the actual beach.

So be sure to specifically ask about the vicinity of the beach to the beach rental house or villa, if they don’t mention in the advertising that the beach is just across the road then you can assume it is a fair way away.

Does the villa have beach views overlooking the beach?

If you are paying for a Bahama’s beach rental property then it is essential that the rental property has extensive sea views, if it does not then forget it as there is hundreds more beach rentals in the Bahamas that do have a balcony and master bedroom with beach views that cost the same or are similar in price.

If you are on your Bahamas honeymoon getaway or a romantic bahama’s vacation then the view is essential for those romantic sunsets and dramatic tropical dawns, enquire as to whether the beach can be seen from the master bedrooms bed, this is an excellent bonus as there is nothing more romantic than cuddling up and watching the moonlit beach, with the soft lapping of the waves and the grand panorama of the bright stars above just framing everything perfectly and providing for some vivid memories that will remain with you for your entire life.

Does the beach rental have drinking water?

Another trite sounding question but one that is very important, most island rentals do not have drinking water, you generally have to buy it to drink and clean with which is an added expense that can become expensive if you are a family with water wasting children.

It is also a chore buying water, every holiday hour is precious you do not want to be spending valuable hours on water trips when you could be in the ‘water’ swimming, diving and fishing.

Is there a barbecue and patio area?

You gotta have a bbq, there is nothing more delicious than fresh seafood and local produce cooked on the bbq. If you are a family on vacation or a group of friends then eating out every night can be seriously expensive, every good rental house should have a built in bbq area for entertaining and partying.

Find out where the locals shop for produce and meat and seafood, you will find the prices much cheaper and the variety more adventurous and exotic than what is served up to the tourists.

It is almost inevitable in the Bahama’s that you will meet new friends while you are on vacation, this of course leads to entertaining which is where the bbq comes in handy, you can show off your spatula and tong skills, mum doesn’t have to do all the cooking and all the mess can go straight in the rubbish.

Is there internet access?

This is important to many nowadays, broadband access should be free while you are there. Although we are on vacation many of us still have to communicate with the office or business while we are absent or check email. It is also handy for more local research if you need info on topics you had not previously considered.

Finally if it rains which it probably will at least one day of your vacation the internet is great for entertaining the kids. It is a good idea if you have a digital camera to set up a free photo blog account and upload many of your vacation digital images onto it for both storage and so that relatives and friends can be kept up to date on your Bahama’s vacation by visiting your photo blog.

As you can post digital images and write text on your blog it will remain a cherished online record of your vacation for you to visit when you are feeling a little nostalgic.

Does the rental have a laundry room?

If it not mentioned then ask about it. You do not need to bring 3 suitcases crammed with clothes, just bring the minimum wardrobe that you are comfortable with, you will notice everyone dresses casual unless you really need those polyester trousers and socks and sandals.

It is a good idea to pack your essentials and a swimsuit and one casual outfit in your carry-on bag, as it is a common problem to have your luggage mislaid or delayed, being prepared means a lot less stress if this occurs.

Is there cable tv?

Who on earth would want to watch tv while you were on vacation? Who knows but it is handy if you are rained in for a day or having a sleepless night.

Also a stereo or cd player will be handy in case you have a party. Many Island vacation rentals will have a vhs radio in the house these are handy for local news and up to date weather information.

Is there a telephone?

Some vacation rentals do not have telephones. Also you will find many remote or Island vacation rental properties will have poor cellphone reception, so a phone for local calls is essential.

One last thing! Enjoy yourself!

Rob from Cheap Bahamas Vacations shares some vital knowledge about Bahamas villa rentals and Bahamas travel in his detailed article website researched from personal experience of his travels in the Bahamas.


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