The Peruvian Iquitos

Iquitos is a paradise for lovers of eco-tourism.   There is rich flora and fauna and fearless and adventurous lovers of nature can take a guided tour to discover the richness of the Amazon forests. Previously, wild tribes inherited the village of Iquitos.

In the good olden days, Iquitos had very good communication with Europe. Very close to the city is the zoological park which has rich fauna, resorts and spas.   The aborigine tribes are simple, noble and cheerful people who are full of life.   The native tribes make very find arts and artifacts and they are worth buying. You can enjoy the simple cuisines of these tribes and relish the typical beverages and drinks. The aborigine tribes have faith in occult medicines and are staunch believers of folkloric medicine. Rich herbal medicines are found in the land of Iquitos and most of the herbal medicines use these medicinal herbs and plants, which are procured from the forests.

Places of interest are the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve which has a rich reserve of forests and is home to 1000 varieties of plant and animal life. There are many parks which have zoological and botanical species. The native communities of Yaguas and Boras also reside here.

If you want to run away from the fast city life and want to experience some adventure, then Iquitos is the place. You can rejuvenate here in the peaceful serenity amongst the nature.   If you are arriving at Iquitos from abroad, you could arrive either from Columbia or Manaos or also from Lima. The geographical conditions do not favor terrestrial transportation.

You can enjoy the attractive cruises and spend close to a week on the Amazonas River. Some other outdoor activities which you might enjoy are night expeditions, fishing sessions and jungle walking. The medium crafts serve simple dinner and the rooms here are air-conditioned.

If you are taking guided tours around the jungle, you need to carry bottled water, some waterproof clothes if you intend staying overnight and a hat as well.   Carrying a repellent is important to stay protected against insect stings, especially mosquitoes. It is better to take the help of experienced guides who would help you out in the guided tours and not enter the jungle all by yourself.

Lima has a medical center where vaccination against yellow fever is a must, before proceeding to the forest area. You could also get vaccination done at the airports of Puerto or Iquitos.  It is advised you consult a medical expert regarding the vaccinations against malaria, tetanus, hepatitis and typhoid.


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