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  • Expert Q&A for Women's Running magazine

    Jen offers advice on off-road running and getting back into running after a break in the relaunch issue of Women’s Running magazine.

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  • Get into Scrambling feature for Outdoor Fitness magazine

    We’re regular contributors to the excellent Outdoor Fitness magazine. Our feature on getting into scrambling was great fun to research, write and photograph.

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  • Photoshoot for Aussie Grit Apparel

    We were delighted to be asked to model and shoot the new Flint range from Aussie Grit Apparel after the brand won an award for its 3/4-length tights in Women’s Running magazine. Our images appeared across the brand’s website and social media and on a full page of the magazine.

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  • 'The art of getting children outdoors' booklet for the Wildlife Trusts

    Working with the Wildlife Trusts on their ‘Every Child Wild’ campaign we devised, researched and provided copy and images for this engaging, informative booklet.

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  • National Trust Ranger Runs

    For the past year we’ve been working with the incredible team of National Trust Rangers right across the country, putting together a series of great running routes in beautiful places. Each one takes you on a journey through important conservation areas, highlighting the work being done to look after or restore them. Having launched with a special edition routes section in Trail Running magazine we have been working on new routes and promoting the project, including leading a guided run at the 2018 South West Outdoor Festival.

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