Nairobi National Park of Kenya

Planning to spend your holiday in Africa but you aren’t sure which country is safe to visit? Well, with safety being a crucial factor that every visitor on safari should put into consideration, very few destinations worldwide are safer for one to spend a holiday. Africa for instance has had negative reputation as per safety is concerned and it is either due to perception or stereotypes. Africa is one of a few amazing continents in the world that are worth exploring. About 54 independent states make up this magical continent! Like other parts of the world, not all these states are equal and that is why some of them still face political unrest and terrorism while others are safe and favorable for visitor safaris.

Below are some of the safest countries for you to spend a holiday in Africa


This is set within Central and East Africa-one of the most significant safari destinations in Africa. It boasts not only for its rare mountain gorillas, chimpanzees or the big game but also for its distinct history and cultural heritage. While here, there are many picturesque sites to visit and they include among others waterfalls, volcanoes and tropical rain forests that also inhabit variety of wildlife species.

Regardless of the fact that it is a developing state, there are many hotels of international standard for you to spend a night while on safari. Most importantly, a trip to this dubbed land of a thousand hills allows you to take part in a number of exciting activities and they include among others mountain gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park, chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park or Gishwati Mukura National Park, game viewing in Akagera National Park-Rwanda’s only savanna grassland national park.

A Rwanda gorilla trek is highly rated and a must do while in this country! There are also many birds for you to look out in varied habitats while on birding tour or embark on cultural tour and indulge yourself in the thrilling traditional and cultural dances of Rwandans, lifestyles and others.


This is one of East Africa’s premier safari destinations that straddles along the Indian Ocean coastline. Regardless of its negative history of attacks in the previous years, it is one country that is very keen on visitor safety and security. It is an ideal destination for safaris as it features several tourist sites. While on African safari in Kenya, the key national parks that are worth exploring include Tsavo National Parks, Amboseli national park, Lake Nakuru national park, Masai Mara national reserve-a popular destination for you to amaze yourself with gigantic wildebeest migration, Nairobi national park, Mount Kenya national park, Meru national park, Marsabit national park, Mount Longonot national park, Mount Elgon national park and others.


Tanzania is endowed with exceptional reliefs and it is crossed by scenic Mount Kilimanjaro in the north. To the northwest, you will find Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. While on safari in Tanzania, expect to explore areas like Serengeti National Park, Selous reserve in the south, Arusha national park, Kilimanjaro national park, Lake Manyara National Park, Gombe national park a mention but a few.


For honeymooners, Madagascar is that one place you need to consider a must to visit. It features endless beaches with incredible landscapes, lush flora and giant baobabs and not to forget pristine national parks.


This is best famous as the warm heart of Africa. It is safe, peaceful for visitors to enjoy their holiday. Safaris in Zambia take you through the scenic Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River and the breathtaking landscape. Over 30 percent of this country’s 752614 square kilometers is set aside for wildlife and about 20 national park and 34 management areas do exist in this pristine country. They include Kasanka national park, Lower Zambezi national park, Lochinvar national park, Kafue national park, Nsumbu national park, South Luangwa national park, Liuwa plain national park and others.


For unforgettable experiences, Morocco is that one country to think of exploring while on safari in Africa. It is perfect place for you to do some shopping then you set off to Marrakesh-a home to one of the largest bazaars in the world. While here, you will get spices, organ oil, leather crafts and variety of things.

South Africa

South Africa has for long and still popular as a few prime safari destinations in Africa. At times, it is popular as a rainbow nation due to its diverse cultures. A visit to this pristine destination rewards travel endeavors with variety of natural wonders including a glimpse at several big game-the African elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes. The key parks to explore while on African safari in this particular country include Kruger National Park, Eddo Elephant National Park, Augrabies Falls National Park, Agulhas National Park and others.

The other safe countries to visit while on safari in Africa include Mozambique, Seychelles, Ghana, Botswana, Malawi, Senegal and Benin, Namibia a mention but a few. For more interesting articles on the continent, check out the Africa Travel Blog.


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