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The Egyptian Pyramids are among the most fascinating locations in the world. They have attracted and keep attracting a number of tourists every year. They have proved to be the greatest attractions for people who love creativity.

In Egypt there are hundreds of pyramids. A few pyramids are grouped together and are situated south of the Nile Delta. The royal pyramid lies to the south of Egypt and is believed to be the last pyramid built by the emperor Ahmose. There are a few small pyramids built by the individuals in the Deir el-Medina. Some pyramids were established by the late period rulers called Nubians.

A lot of changes took place in the architecture when more pyramids were built. Royal pyramids included a courtyard to the surroundings. A portion of the pyramid was built for the king’s soul and a mortuary temple was built next to it. It included an enclosure wall and a causeway to lead towards the temple. Some of the small pyramid complexes were built for the family members and were surrounded by some tombs.

The origin of pyramids is an unresolved mystery to many people still. As per ancient Egyptian mythology, the rulers particularly chose a tomb shape for the pyramid because they wanted to imitate the Bebans. It was a type of a stone found in the temples. They thought that it was the primitive mass from which life emerged. They associated it with sun and believed that it (the sun) provoked the mass to create life.

Even today all the pyramids have not yet been discovered and there are still a few pyramids, which are to be studied such as the Great Pyramid of Khufu.


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