Sabah Beaches Malysia

Sabah is known for its long history and unique culture, but one of the reasons why many tourists have flocked to this place is its exotic and beautiful beaches. Take a glimpse at the top five beaches of Sabah and be convinced it is worth your scheduled visit for the year.

Pulau Kapalai (Kapalai Island)

The island is located between Mabul and Sipadan. Tourists will need to ride a 45-minute speedboad from Semporna to arrive at this destination. It is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world and offers numerous chalets to serve as your accommodation. It blissfully rests in the middle of the ocean allowing you to enjoy a close-up experience with the variety of aquatic species of the place.

Pulau Lankayan (Lankayan Island)

This jewel shaped island offers one of the best sunset views in Sabah. It is part of Sugud Island Marine Conservation Area and is one of the best attractions in the area. It is best to rest in its abode for an entire weekend so you can enjoy watching giant groupers and tiny ribbon eels parading in the ocean. If you choose to stay during the laying season of the hawksbill and green turtles, then you may even be lucky to witness some of the baby turtles hatch and be released back to the sea.

Layang Layang Island

This is a man-made structure originally meant for the Malaysian Navy, but was soon utilized by Layang-Layang Island Resort, a premier dive resort of the region. It is accessible through a regular flight from the capital city, Kota Kinabalu. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with its pristine reefs and regular sightings of numerous resident schools of barracuda and other macro creatures like cuttlefish, pipefish, and seahorses.Variety of stingrays and sharks are also frequent visitors of the place providing scuba divers a wonderful treat to feast upon.

The Manukan Island

Manukan Island is one of the largest marine parks in Sabah. Visitors do not need to go very far to enjoy the coral gardens it offers. Families will enjoy bringing their kids over for a snorkeling adventure because tiny visitors from the ocean swimming playfully near the shores are regular features of the place. The turquoise waters will ease you of your stress and the waves of the sea are enough to calm you from your worries. Rent banana boats and kayak or simply gaze at its amazing underwater wildlife on ride its glass bottomed boat cruises.

Sipadan Island

This is very popular among divers from all over the world because of its untouched piece of art. The island itself is formed by living corals that arose 600 meters from the seabed on top an extinct undersea volcano. It offers one of the riches marine habitats in the world with over 3000 species of corals and fish to see. However, it is eagerly visited by many divers because of the turtle tome located at an underwater limestone cave filled with skeletal remains of turtles that have lost their way and eventually drowned in this place.

Beware that guests are not allowed to reside in the island and require finding a different place for their accommodation as part of the Malaysian government’s move to help preserve and protect the ecosystem of the place.


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