Winter Hiking in Switzerland

Europe is the world’s second smallest continent and one of the most favored destinations for tourists from all over the world. Surrounded by the Arctic Ocean in the North, Atlantic Ocean in the West and Mediterranean & black Sea in the South, it can be called the most exotic part of the Eurasia peninsula. The continent is bifurcated from Asia by Russia’s Ural Mountains, Caspian and Black Sea. The top 10 winter destinations in Europe experience a large number of people visiting every year because it has everything to offer; the mountains, the sea, beaches and the plains, and so many landscape variations all within easy reach.

Prague – It’s a great place to enjoy with friends and family. Beautiful architecture of the old buildings reminds you of fairy tales. Charles Bridge and Prague Castle attracts visitors with great admiration. Moreover, enjoy the inexpensive food and wine.

Zurich – The beautiful cold winters of Zurich become enjoyable with hot chocolate sips. Strolling around the old town you can find shops and boutiques.

Spain – Palma De Mallorca and Majorca and Balearic Islands are great places to explore sun-kissed sand and alabaster white sand. These places will keep you engaged all the time with activities. Ibiza Island is another place for fun and enjoyment.

Salzburg – Beautiful old town that is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart. Experience some of the world’s best architectural domes and spires and wonder about their method of construction.

Barcelona – Winters makes this place an excellent tourist spot to move about and have fun. There is nothing like basking under the sun, great view of the ocean, and a little bit of sand to lift up your spirit. Cathedrals and beautiful buildings make it a great place for a holiday trip.

Munich – If you want to experience the Europe’s best opera’s, I would like to tell that you are at the right place. Watch them at the National Theaters. It is a haven for food lovers.

Paris – Children would love to be in the Disney Land. Once been there they would never forget the enthusiasm of meeting their favorite Cartoon Characters. Last but not the least Paris is house of monuments like Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Paris falls apart by the river Sienna. Paris has the richest museums such as Louvre and many more.

Istanbul – Half of Istanbul is in Europe and other half in Asia. The city is filled with many beautiful and picturesque sites to keep one busy for quite some time. Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are epitome of beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to visit the hustle and bustle of Grand Bazaar.

Greece – It is a heritage site. Parthenon is a symbol of classical Greece. Great surprising architectural wonders can be seen; Corfu Ionian Islands of Corfu village with exotic resorts and exciting nightlife; Rhodes, Dodecanese are the beaches, which can be considered a great opportunity for relaxing and sun basking.

Switzerland – If you want to have an adventurous and fun filled vacation then you are at the right place. The mountains and Alps are the place where lot of activities can be done right from paragliding, skiing, hiking and climbing.
No wonder why people all over the world visit Europe for holidays. A beautiful piece of land and water on earth should not be spared from visiting. Being in Europe is like being in heaven. These are only 10 destinations of Europe, but let me remind you that there are many places still we must visit like Cannes, Edinburgh, Barcelona and many more.


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