Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Deep in the heart of Africa where the West African tropical forests interact with the East African savanna, nature calls for those who seek to dwell with it and taste its charming aroma. Where else but in Uganda where the planet’s most critically endangered species- the mountain Gorilla has found a life supporting environment that has kept about 480 hearts still beating out of less than 1060 that still breath in the world.

In an area almost the size of UK, over 130 species of mammals and 1067 bird species all thrive and dwell in harmony as they welcome their visiting counterparts (migrant species) that often run away from the worrying conditions of their homes.

Are there any nature enthusiasts who have not yet explored the land that was referred to as the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill? If yes then you have delayed to find a new home where even the wild call home, where the world’s most hospitable people live and share their rich culture with those interested in delving into it.

With many still holding false illusions of her somber history of 1970s, the country has vigorously raised high to challenge its history and prove to her visitors that truly, she is a home to all. With the magnificent geography characterized with rolling hills and mountains together with fabulous lakes and rivers and the ever conducive climate, life is breathed into enormous creatures.

Because of her charming beauty and copious gifts of nature, the Pearl of Africa was named the number one travel destination for 2012 by the lonely planet and is still among the top world’s destinations. Her amazing beauty saw world’s great explorers visit the country as early as 1860s as they entered a race to name some of her treasures.

Surely who wouldn’t want to visit the source of the longest river in the world which doubles as the 2nd largest inland fresh water lake in the world?. How about the world’s strongest/ hardest waterfalls-the Murchison falls where Hemingway’s boat crashed as he attempted to fly over.

As the saying goes that an African’s eye is in the hands, indeed Uganda’s natural beauty can be well described by some ones eye but not mere words of another person. Surely how can someone’s words describe the world’s largest intact mountain caldera on top of Mount Elgon or the Snow caped Rwenzori mountain that is crossed by the Equator? Oh yes, I think you have also began to see that it is not only hard to put this in words but also quite suffocating as it may drain your English vocabulary.

Could someone offer me a hand with more words to use in describing this lush gorgeous country where the African continent has been compressed into a folder?. Visiting this country is visiting a summarized African continent no wonder it is the Pearl of Africa.

The vibrant natural conditions have contributed much to the survival of some of the rare and endangered wildlife species. You can trek man’s evolutionary cousin and critically endangered-Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi and Mgahinga and the rare golden monkey in the same vicinity. The threatened giant ape is only found in Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda and about1060 are surviving today.

More so, an uncommon species of lions- the tree climbing lions of Ishasha are unique and can only be sighted in Tanzania and Uganda. The country boasts one of the richest diversity of primates in the world with about 13 species including man’s closest relative- the chimpanzee.

Nowhere else but in Uganda where you will see the real specimens of the evolution theory of mankind. After a glance at a variety of monkey species, then the Mountain Gorilla and finally the chimpanzee, you will be able to judge whether the evolution theory is indeed true or not.

We all believe in the biblical theory of man kind’s existence in this world but probably the evolution theory is not a challenge but rather a complement for one who has visited Uganda. It leaves us in wonder whether the first man (Adam) really looked like us or slightly different. Probably after a long stay through different environmental phenomena, there could have been an occurrence of genetic alterations leading to change of form and shape in the human body up to the modern man.

If you are one of the strongest critics of the evolution theory like me, a lot of questions will spin in your mind. However there is the most recent evolution which many are not yet aware of and this can only be seen in Uganda. Recent research has revealed that another monkey species called the Uganda mangabey (Lophocebus ugandae) has evolved from the common grey cheeked mangabey (L. albigena) and is only found in Uganda. Also known as crested mangabey, this species is dramatically smaller than the grey-cheeked mangabey, with a shorter skull and smaller face.It was upgraded by Colin Groves in June 2007 into a new species L. ugandae.

As the saying goes that even the best dancer leaves the stage, I beg to retire from this strenuous yet entertaining work of describing this amazing country since only words can’t allow me to picture to you her natural bequest. I now leave you a chance to come and find your own description of this Pearl of Africa, with her burgeoning cultural diversity of over 66 different languages and cultural values.

If you are seeking for a holiday off the beaten track, a Uganda safari will be a memorable and rewarding authentic experience as you relax and interact with nature in its real form. Inquire at Experience Africa Safaris and you will experience the above and more that Uganda offers. It would be highly regrettable to tell you all this without the exact location of this highly sought after destination. It is between 4°N and 2°S and between longitudes 29° and 35°E. You are welcome as you make a step off the beaten track to find better words for Uganda’s description


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