Looking for a Caribbean holiday in Africa? Then look no further than taking a safari to Uganda the Pearl of Africa. This sunny country also referred to as the Matooke Republic offers great and amazing experiences that you shouldn’t miss. Truly a Uganda Safari tour is the stuff of dream holiday that travelers seek for in Africa and no other place can offer amazing experiences of watching the mountain gorillas, visiting the great beaches, friendly locals, history, water sports and culture the way this country can. Oh no…..no in this case you will not be hoping on one of the many flights to Barbados but on a flight to the beautiful island found in the Pearl of Africa were you a sure to have a splendid and pleasurable holiday.

At the stride of the Equator in Eastern Africa, lies Uganda,  a popular tourist destination that is continuously attracting travelers interested in off-the-beaten track safari kind of vacations. From gorilla tracking to game viewing in natural national parks,there are lots of adventures you can take while in Africa.

Many travelers from all over the world find it easy and accessible to reach using a good number or airlines. If you are looking to a different kind of destination you will find Uganda, a very exotic holiday destination with new experiences. So reaching Entebbe airport, you will board a ferry if you prefer, but it depends on the one you want to take, as it can be either from Entebbe or from Masaka though the one from Masaka is cheaper than that of Entebbe but at the end of the day the choice is all yours. You can also opt for a charter directly from the airport which is also not too expensive. Once a person reaches the island, he will be spoilt for choices – beaches, sunbathing, boat rides, shopping, gardens, this beautiful island has so much to offer.

The best way to start a holiday here is by checking in to the hotel, refreshen up and then have a stroll on the beach. You can decied to ready the book that has taken you ages to finish while you sun bath. Or you can go for a canoe ride to full your lungs with fresh air blowing from the lake. Build white sand castles with a loved one or better yet roll in the sand of have a sand ball fight. Later you can also opt for a boat ride and visit the some of the other islands since Lake Victoria has over 80 small islands. On this holiday you have a variety of fresh fruits and of course you will have a treat of tilapia dishes prepared in all kinds of way. So why pass on this opportunity all you have to do is to come to the Pearl of Africa and experience the holiday of your life.


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