Have you ever wanted to experience what a safari in Africa is like? Have a safari of your life time by visiting Uganda, the Pearl of Africa? Explore the exotic beauty of the wilderness with what nature has to offer on a safari you have never experienced before!On a single safari your eyes can meet those of mountain gorillas, trail through kingdoms of chimpanzees, cruise in the shadows of the Rwenzoris and enjoy game viewing through savanna national parks teeming with roaring lions!

Have you ever taken a safari in Africa? Well if you haven’t all you have to do is let go and explore and experience what a safari is like. Travel through Uganda, the most interesting destination is to explore a destination that Sir Winston Churchill referred to as the Pearl of Africa in his 1902. When you take a safari in Uganda you have taken a Journey through Africa.

Uganda lies across the equator in eastern Africa between longitudes 291/2 east and 35o west and between latitudes 41/20 north and 1/20 south at an average altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. The country is a land locked country it has no sea port. Uganda neighbors countries like Kenya in the east, Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the south west, and Democratic Republic of Congo to the west and south Sudan to the north.

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa or the land gifted by nature! After Pope Francis Visit to this country in 2015, the country is now also referred to as “Land of the African Martyrs”. Located astride the Equator, Uganda is a relatively small country but having many exciting touristic sites that you should include in your next vacation holiday.

Top Destinations to Visit in Uganda

They’re very many outstanding attractions found in Uganda’s national parks and reserves which provide uncrowded viewing of the varied animals, birds and plant species these among others makes Uganda the most delightful safari destination.

Most Popular Places to Visit in Uganda

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – home to the rare endangered mountain gorillas
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Kibale National Park – the best place to see chimpanzees in Africa
  • Kidepo Valley National Park

When to Visit Uganda

The country is known for its sunny and rainy weather which often does not require the wearing clothing except on some chilly nights in the mountainous areas in western and eastern Uganda. Uganda is on the sunny side most of the year, especially when the expected patterns are delayed for some months.

Distinctive wet and dry seasons are typical of most Ares in Uganda, for example in the southern half of Uganda there is rainfall from March to May and in September to November. The rest of the periods are dry. There is a well distributed rainfall pattern around the Lake Victoria crescent, with storms and unpredictable rains falling during seasons when there is no rain elsewhere in Uganda.

A Land with Great Wildlife

The most exciting everyone should take a look at are the mountain gorillas of Bwindi impenetrable forest. Lions, Elephants, Zebras, giraffes, buffaloes can be seen in any country of east Africa. The rare mountain gorillas can only be seen in the Virunga regions that Is Parc National des Volcans in Rwanda and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda. WIthin these countries there are daily gorilla treks – visits to the habituated groups of mountain gorilla families within these parks.

Flora and Fauna

Uganda offers a spectacular diversity of wildlife with the country hosting ten national parks and some of the wildlife found in some of these parks is unique only to this part of the world. The tree climbing lions of the ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park found in the south western part of Uganda. These rare lions can be seen during a mid-morning game drive lying up on the tree branches having a nap. They have become a popular attraction for tourists transferring to Bwindi national park. But not only the climbing lions, there very many species of wild animals that are fabulous to watch, to mention some include, hippos, elephant, giraffe, leopard, buffaloes, various species of antelopes, warthogs, elephant, the list is endless.

Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are the major attraction for tourist travelling in this region. Uganda is one of the three countries the other two are the Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Cong for housing these rare species. Most travelers travel to Uganda to see the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild forests oin south western Uganda. Today Uganda is considered the best gorilla safari destination in the world hosting almost a half of the world’s population and these species are tracked in Uganda’s two national parks that’s Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla forest national park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi lies on the edge of the rift valley in the south-western part of Uganda about 530 km from Kampala Uganda’s capital passing via Kabale,Kanungu to Buhoma about 7-9 hours and Mgahinga park is situated in Kisoro district via kabale, south western Uganda, 510kms about 8 hours. Gorilla tracking is regarded as the most interesting activities done on earth and over 60% of travelers who make it to Uganda go gorilla tracking. Bwindi has about 10 habituated gorilla groups ready for tracking and only eight members are allowed to track in each gorilla group and a fee of 600 USD is charged per person per tracking in the high seasons and US$ 350 is charge per person on the low seasons. You are advised to book your gorilla permits earlier prior to your gorilla safaris as permits are issued on first come first served basis, so the earlier the better to avoid inconvenience. Since tracking is done in the forest you are reminded to come with your tracking gears such as sturdy pair of walking shoes/boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses.

Birding in Uganda

For birders, Uganda is ranked among the world’s top birding destinations. You can see birds in Uganda all year around given the comfortable weather in the country; birding can be done either in the morning or evening depending on the time available. The unique and varied landscape makes birding experiences a wonder and unforgettable experience.Uganda houses almost 12000 species of birds even when in KampalaUganda’s capital you can still watch birds. There are very many bird spotting areas including national parks and reserves, lake shores, and some of the birds are not found anywhere in any other counter. So bird lovers, Uganda is the only African county to visit.

Mountain Trekking

Trekking the mystic Rwenzori mountains national park in Uganda is a truly fantastic and unique experience that the country offers, the wonder of the high glaciers, the beauty of the valley of nine lakes, the bearded lichen hanging from giant heathers with a backdrop of rocky cliffs, cragsand snowcapped peaks and the wide variety of flora and fauna all create an ultimate experience for trekking. It’s a world Heritage Site and offers the opportunity to see nature at its best. Offering mountain Rwenzori which is sometimes referred to as the mountains of the moon, this has attracted many travelers worldwide to come and take this challenging climbing up to the top of the mountain. Margherita peak at 5,109m on Mt Stanley in the Rwenzori Mountain is Africa’s third highest mountain; however the real beauty is in climb up the peak, as you look across Albert peak to the democratic republic of Congo, then east across the spectra of the Rwenzori Mountains.You are reminded to come with your trekking gears and some levels of physical fitness are called for. Rwenzori climbing can be done from two up to ten days to Magherita peak; Mountain Elgon in Eastern Uganda offers a maximum of five to Wagagai peak.

Lakes & Rivers

Uganda is home to the second largest lake in the world and also the source of the river Nile the longest river in the world and also hosts other lakes like Albert, George, Edward, Mburo ,kyoga among others and all these offer attractions from white water rafting for adventure lovers, boat cruise, sport fishing , and the island on the lake Victoria with white sand beaches offers some of the best beaches holiday in this part of the world. So if you opt for a Uganda safari you can’tmiss enjoying at least one of these activities on Uganda’s best lakes and river, these unique activities make Uganda the most delightful African safari destination.

People and Culture

Uganda is a country with very many cultural contrasts with over 52 different local languages with unique cultures. For example if you go west to Mbarara District, you will marvel at the sights of long horned, graceful cows which are given names to which they respond when called. The Acholi from northern Uganda on the other hand celebrate the abundant harvest with rich folklore of songs and dance. Baganda in the central also have their traditional dance called the Kiganda dance and the Baganda has a strong kingdom lead by a king (Kabaka) and they contribute to almost 15% of the country’s population. The Bagishu in the eastern part of Uganda have the imbalu carnival where the Gishu boys get circumcised as a sign of growing into manhood and this is done in every even year among the Bamasaba.

Uganda is considered one of the safest countries not only in the east but also in the whole world for any tourist who would wish to come and experience the amazing beauty that the country offers.